Stone Creek Home Owners Association
Stone Creek Home Owners Association


Due to an increase number of neighbor complaints, I have to address the trash can situation in Stone Creek.


We have had an increase of number of trash cans being stored outside.


The covenants state in Article 1 - 9 "No Garbage or trash can or container shall be permitted outside, except for pickup purposes." Because we have received so many complaints on this issue, a member of our board drove the neighborhood twice, on a Friday morning, in the last 3 weeks- we had 79 and 81 residents that are leaving their trash cans outside.


Please be aware of this and try to find a place out of sight for your trash can. I realize this is a small thing and it does not bother many people, but for those who it does bother and take the time to complain, it does need to be addressed. I am not writing this to get a kick back of personal responses and opinions, if you have something to say on this issue please email me personally

Just trying to keep peace and our neighborhood looking and being the best place to live in NW Omaha!!! Kristi Jacobs Stone Creek HOA President



As many of you know, Kristi Jacobs has coordinated the Stone Creek Social Committee’s social events such as Easter Egg Hunt, Park Party, 4th of July Parade and Pancake Feed for over 12 years now.  SInce Kristi has recently stepped into the role of President for the Homeowners’ Association and will not be able to continue coordinating all these social events.  We have many board members stepping into helping with these social positions, but we need an actual, active committee to help these events go off smoothly.  Please email me your contact information and we will plan our first committee meeting to go over the year’s events and budget.  I need multiple people to step forward to serve on this committee.  If you are interested, please contact Kristi Jacobs at

The intent of the online information is to keep Stone Creek residents updated on the happenings of your HOA. 

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