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The S.I.D. sent out notice on December 8, 2016 to advise the District has contracted to begin offering residential waste collection services on a District-wide basis.

WHY: The District is executing a residential waste collection contract for the following reasons. First, typically when an entire District is served by one waste collection company, the price per pick-up location is significantly reduced. Second, the SID Board is attempting to extend the life of the District’s pavement by reducing the number of heavy trucks traveling through on a weekly basis.

WHO: Abe's Trash Service

WHAT: Provided totes may be used for:

1. regular household solid waste which includes garbage, refuse and rubbish derived from households

2. Yard waste in which includes grass clippings and leaves derived from household property

3. Recyclable items including plastics, aluminum cans, metal and tins cans, cardboard and paper. Glass is EXCLUDED

WHEN: Begins January 2, 2017 (EARLY Monday pickup)

COST: There will be not direct cost to the resident. Costs for the service will be paid using funds from the District's General Fund

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? Residents are automatically enrolled. However, if you previously had contracted with another company, you must contact your current waste collection service provider to advise the company to terminate the contract.
If you were an Abe's Trash Service customer; Abe's automatically transferred your personnel account to the SID account.
If you do not wish to participate in either yard waste or recycling collection through Abe’s Trash Service, you must contact Abe's Trash Service at 402-671-0568.

If you are a current Abe's Trash Service customer and you would like to add yard waste or recycling service, you must contact Abe's Trash Service.

Welcome Committee Needs More Volunteers

If you like to meet new people and want to volunteer to help welcome new residents into Stone Creek, do we have a job for you!!


Because of the boom in real estate sales, we need help delivering Stone Creek Welcome Packets to new residents.  We currently have 10 people on the committee who help deliver packets, but we really need more help.  If you volunteer, you will probably help deliver 6-12 packets a year.  If you think you are interested and/or want more information, please contact Helen Heller at or 402-571-5059.

The intent of the online information is to keep Stone Creek residents updated on the happenings of your HOA. 

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Contact Kristi Jacobs, if you are interested in running for future open Board positions.

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Planning on making any improvements to your property simply complete the REQUEST FORM and submit to The HOA committee will review and respond. NOTE: Does NOT apply to townhome or villas.

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Immediately post a lost pet or property to NEXTDOOR.